Thursday, 7 March 2013

Look at our Look Book

 We've had great fun putting together a Look Book for Starch Green. We wanted to create something that has more of an atmosphere than a portfolio, but that captures the range of work we enjoy and a sense what we love doing.

The book has chapters themed by colour and a 'directory' in the back that gives a reasonably comprehensive range of products and examples of our design and illustration.
Rather than just a catalogue of what we do we have included some things we like and some of our photos capturing colours and places that inspire us.
We hope the book appeals to commissioners of design and illustration in many walks of life, whether for packaging, publishing, advertising, heritage ranges, fabric, fashion, interiors, furnishing or ceramics. And no doubt lots of things we haven't even thought of. Jonathan's wood engraving has been used in lots of imaginative ways from a map engraved into a huge glass panel in the foyer of a bank to a tiny silver goldfish on a lapel pin.
The type throughout is set (electronically) in Caslon and Gill as an homage to the fact that they are the only two fonts we have as metal setting. And who needs anything else?
If you'd like to have a browse though our Look Book do get in touch and we can bring it over.