Monday, 21 January 2013

Emery Walker: the Back Room Boy of the Arts & Crafts

Coming up on 12th February is the next Greenside Arts Lecture - the entertaining Dr Aileen Reid will be talking about Emery Walker. Walker is less well known than another significant Hammersmith resident, William Morris, but was very influential in both Morris's Kelmscott Press and the resurgence of private presses in the early twentieth century. 

He founded the Doves Press with TJ Cobden-Sanderson, where they created beautiful, simple books. Edward Johnston contributed calligraphy to their projects.

Emery Walker's house at 7 Hammersmith Terrace, where he lived from 1903 - 1933,  is the best example of an Arts & Crafts furnished house in Britain today and is open to the public from April to October. Aileen will be telling us more about the house and the circle of friends and artists that lived in the area and frequented the house.
The image at the top showing Walker's ex-libris gives his address as 3 Hammersmith Terrace - he lived there for 25 years before moving to number 7.

The lecture can be booked here, please come.