Thursday, 6 September 2012

Practical as well as beautiful

Sauntering through some of our favourite haunts along the North Norfolk coast last week we revisited the lovely Vintage Home & Garden. Housed in a little 1950s farm building at Drove Orchards, a family run fruit farm, it's a beautifully curated trove of lovely things.

One of the first things we honed in on was Vintage Flowers by Vic Brotherson with photographs by our talented friend Catherine Gratwicke. (Last time we were there we bought the visually rich Etcetera by Sibella Court.)

The shop is arranged in vignettes, subtle colours and groups of product creating delectable stories and tempting fantasies.

The simplicity of the palette and the pre-loved feel of much of the stock adds a magical calm to the atmosphere of the mid-century hut.

Right next door is the farm produce stall - a riot of lusciousness, vibrancy and sensuous deliciousness.