Monday, 30 July 2012

Sitting Down Sports

It's all true - with Team GB's first medal going to Lizzie Armistead for cycling 'pretty well' in the Women's Road Race, our success at sitting down is affirmed. The Australians may have started the idea as a jibe, but in true British style we have embraced the slight and turned it into a positive.
Jonathan was so impressed by this idea, and always willing to stand up for his pride in Britishness, he has created a set of five wood engravings celebrating Sitting Down Sports. At our Artists at Home weekend in June cycling and rowing enthusiasts were the first to snap them up. They have now come to the attention of architect, shopkeeper and general stylemonger, Ben Pentreath who writes,
"I have just discovered my favourite thing of all about the Olympics. Not #SirDannyBoyle; not even the Queen and Bond; nor the fantastic cauldron designed by my friend Tom Heatherwick displaying his genius for seeing things differently once again. No, it’s the small set of wood engravings by Jonathan Mercer over at Starch Green, Sitting Down Sports. Pure genius."
Wow! Here at Starch Green we loved Danny Boyle's celebration of genuine Britishness and found Tom Heatherwick's cauldron, and the fact it was lit by seven athletes of the future, really beautiful. But you know, if you say so Ben...
The limited edition wood engravings can be bought separately or as a set of five at a special price of £180. They are printed by the artist on his delightful Albion press, on Zerkall mould made paper, signed and numbered.