Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Tapping into illustration

Jonathan has just completed a commission from designer Gill Davies for the identity of lady plumbers, Stirrup & Green. Jonathan's wood engraving captures the spirit of the can-do plumbing outfit serving communities in Wiltshire and Berkshire.
The device was designed to be a single image for the firm's mark as well as work as a unit for a repeat pattern. As patternsmiths it is an absolute joy when one of our clients asks us to create a new and witty repeat.
Gill has used the pattern paper on the Stirrup & Green postcard reversed out of green on the front, green on cream on the back, demonstrating the beauty and versatility of single colour printing. The designers have used a second colour, a deep crimson, to make the company name zing out and creating a great mid-century feel to the palette.
Jonathan has created many repeat patterns over the years including Comet, widely used on our Starch Green products, Goldfish and Three. We are always very pleased to take commissions for patterns, illustrations and design work.