Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Nine Interesting Things

This week's print of the week is one Jonathan put together using nine tiny blocks. Over the years many of Jonathan's favourite wood engravings have been the little tale pieces designed to begin or finish off chapters, act as symbols or work with type set around them. When he was putting together his first collection for Artists at Home in 2010 he felt these charming but diminutive images didn't quite justify a whole piece of paper on their own - so grouped nine of them into a lovely square of 'interesting things'.
The cockerel, for instance, was originally engraved to illustrate menus at the cafe-bar Fox & Henderson's, lately of  High Street Kensington, named after the engineers on the Crystal Palace (sited opposite before being moved to Crystal Palace). This train, complete with fox and hen, also graced the menus.
The cockerel now appears as one of the icons in our Everyday Stationery box, along with the goblet and the beehive.
Last year we developed some large silkscreen prints using wood engravings as the artwork. We took Nine Interesting Things and enlarged it to make this A1 format print, printed in grey and orange. Using silkscreen techniques enables us to create much larger works and add colour to the print. Our work is currently on show (and for sale) at the Wood at Golden Valley pop-up shop in Hay-on-Wye (up the steps by the castle at Castle Cottage) until Sunday 10th June. Jonathan is also taking part in Artists at Home on Friday 22nd June - Sunday 24th June - do come and visit us then.