Friday, 29 July 2011

Selvedge Shop Sale

Loving this photograph of the Selvedge team 'getting ready' for their sale - Friday 5th August 5 - 8pm and Saturday 6th August 10am - 4pm. Proceed to North London forthwith!

Old colours

There's something about colours on old products that feels just right. I was really pleased to re-discover my Dad's old Velos 323 stapler on a recent visit to my Mum's. The slightly brownish rich red/maroon enamel, rather worn by wear, is a delight.
It put me in mind of this recently spotted, beautifully restored, Karmann Ghia. The lovely simple branding on the car and the stapler, so robust, is lovely too. The Velos proudly claims 'Made in England' twice.
The other piece of joy I spotted while up in Leicester was this fabulous shed. All peeling and overpainted - with the startlingly yellow ragwort setting off the green to perfection.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011


Loving this new re-packaging for Falcon Enamelware. Love all things enamel really. Pack, typeface, colour looks good. Designed as a collaboration between Kiwi&Pom and Morse Studio.

Friday, 15 July 2011

Protoyping fabric designs

We've had a lovely week enhanced by the presence of our very capable work experience student, Miriam. From her I have learned lots about developing repeat patterns and effectively printing samples - excellent! I feel the net benefit may be all on my side, so I hope she's had a good time. The result of our labours? A test run of a '9 interesting things' fabric and three colourways for a print using a wood engraving of Jonathan's of a leaf/feather - yet to be named.
Jonathan's original wood engraving

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Mercer Yearbook 2010

One of the joys of the digital world is producing our annual family yearbook. Once we had boxes of shiny snaps that were carefully edited into photo albums - now we sync iPhotos, share pictures and construct a lovely book - printed and bound following a simple 'buy book' instruction and a little wait while the data squeezes down the broadband.
There's always a shimmer of excitement as we unwrap the parcel, slide off the elegant Apple branded slipcase and reveal this year's memory bank. There's nothing like it for capturing the rich tapestry of family life, the travels of the adventurous offspring and the many changing hairstyles.

It is the very essence of the pattern of life.