Monday, 9 May 2011

Good month for magazines

Ties at Old Town
Two great issues worth mentioning. The May/June Selvedge packed with lovely articles has three that particularly made me sit up. First an article putting Norwich and Norfolk on the textiles map, one of our best loved areas, and mentioning a couple of our favourites Old Town and St Judes. Secondly Mark Hearld and his Beastly Habits, also a St Judes artist. And thirdly the beautiful Merchant and Mills. My daughter and my son's girlfriend made the Oilskin bag with Carolyn Denham at the Selvedge Christmas Fair - and loved it and her.

Jonathan's Ravilious inspired pattern paper, photographer Catherine Gratwicke
Then I turn to the June issue of Country Living. Mentions of St Judes, Merchant and Mills and Rob Ryan in the Emporium section and then a spectacular article about artist inspired goodies. The three artists in question are Henri Matisse, Ben Nicholson and Edward Bawden, all captured in a gorgeous shoot by our great friend Cath Gratwicke. Yum!

Three cheers for Selvedge and Country Living.