Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Artisan Garden

We were thrilled when we heard of the introduction of the Artisan Garden category at the Chelsea Flower Show, as we are admirers and exponents of all things artisan. The RHS explained that it has asked designers to use natural, sustainably resourced materials in an artistic manner. "We are excited about the new introduction of artisan gardens, which, combined with urban gardens at Chelsea, will ensure that visitors will see some incredible designs highlighting innovation, creativity and sustainability," said RHS head of show development Bob Sweet.

The best Artisan Garden this year is, which seems curiously appropriate, a Korean lavatory, designed by Jihae Hwang. The garden is actually called Hae-woo-so and is 'the Korean word for the traditional Korean toilet. The inspiration behind the garden is that for centuries the Korean people believed that going to the toilet was a cathartic experience and considered it to be highly spiritual.'