Sunday, 4 July 2010

West Dean

What a lovely place. On Saturday we went down to West Dean College in Sussex to see the end of year show of our friend Pilar O'Prey. Her course was in Tapestry and Textiles and her work is inspired by her native Spain. Lovely white walls, saffron, pomegranates and blue. Along with the text of a poem drawn into the wall.
There were some other lovely pieces in the show, too. The hanging driftwood is by Cathy Lockwood.
West Dean is set in the most lovely gardens, where the emphasis seems to be controlling and nurturing plants. The fruit trees and bushes are all very disciplined, and beautifully labelled.
There is a hugely abundant and rather Jekyllian cross of herbaceous borders that are a joy of colour-schemed flowers and seed-heads.
The traditional flint walls were a a work of art in themselves.