Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Selvedge Fair

Last Saturday we were up bright and early to travel up to the unfamiliar heights of North London, under the Archway to St Augustine's Church Hall - right next to the Selvedge shop on Archway Road. As we arrived at our destination white balloons were being fixed to the railings and a flutter of floral excitement perfumed the air.

The church hall had been decorated with the most delightful Cabbages and Roses chintz bunting from the ceiling and flounces along the walls. The trestles of the tearoom on the stage were graced with rusting enamel jugs of alstroemeria, lilies and stocks. All a perfect setting for the first ever Selvedge Summer Fair (Facebook pics here).
By 10.30am there was a long and excitable queue of lovely ladies waiting outside for the doors to open, the first two hundred of whom would receive a goody bag of untold delights. The flood gates opened at 11.00am and the hall was soon filled with a miasma of summer prints, gladiator sandals and enthusiasm for all things gorgeous and textiley.
Our plot was next to the fantastically talented and beautiful Rachel Eardley. An old hand at fairs and full of encouragement, quiet confidence and a stall full of lovely prints (above) and jewellery.
We stood our ground and presented the best face of Starch Green. Before us was laid out cards with our D for delightful dachshund and C for charming cat, pattern paper, sketchbooks, mugs, cushions and bags. Of particular note was our Jam Labelling Kit - a hit with those inspired to make the most of the seasonal glut of strawberries and the like. (I'm personally looking forward to going up to my Mum's to bag a few ripe figs and make Fig Chutney - suitably labelled and hatted in the way February's marmalade was.)
All in all it was a great day, we met some lovely people - customers, co-stall holders, Selvedge bods - and had some lovely tea and cakes. Yum!

Monday, 21 June 2010

Delightful weekend

What an absolute delight it was to open our home, for the Artists at Home weekend, to the wonderfully charming crowd who came to visit over the weekend. We had a wide range of ages from tiny toddlers, through boisterous boys and fairy-like girls, to the rather slower and more sedate and distinguished individuals. Some were just popping in on their way back from the park, whilst others were in serious artist visiting mode, be-helmeted and bicycled.
Our home was transformed into a tranquil trove of printed fancies with Jonathan's wood engravings the star attraction. The displays of Starch Green goodies set the tone nicely. Jonathan was in the shed demonstrating the art of wood engraving to enraptured crowds and putting the press though its paces.

Thursday, 17 June 2010

The comet, the dragon and the hand

It's a scene of frantic activity over here. With the open weekend coming up we've had all hands on deck to produce the gorgeous printed artefacts we love so much.
Jonathan's been hard at work in the shed with the press at full tilt producing notecards, postcards and labels. He's also working on some bespoke social stationery.
Meanwhile we have translated some of his small engravings into large and glorious screen prints and created one off fabric for cushions, bags and aprons - and got our hands beautifully decorated, too.