Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Things Autumnal

What a glorious time of year! Just out in the garden now, in the lovely sunshine, looking at the ripe grapes, the smell of late honeysuckle filled the still air and sounds of a strumming guitar drifted over from a garden a few hedges over.
It's the time of year to go scrambling through the hedgerow to gather blackberries, elderberries and sloes.
And it's the time of orchard fruits and harvest festivals. In Bristol at the weekend my 7-year old was in ecstasies at being able to scramble up the the pear tree in the garden and gather a good crop. I've been investigating recipes for pickled pears and pear tarts - and I made a delicious fig and pear chutney - ideal with a slice of sourdough bread, topped with goat's cheese and nicely toasted under the grill.