Tuesday, 16 June 2009

My favourite stamp

The image of this stamp in The Guardian today took me right back to when I was five. I have loved this stamp ever since then and have it - and several other classic Goaman designs - in my little stamp book, carefully slid under the cellophane strip to hold it in place.

Michael Goaman died in May aged 88. A stunning graphic designer who worked in partnership with his wife Sylvia, daughter of JB Priestley. He studied at Reading University art school and Central, where he met Sylvia. She studied textiles in London and Paris.
His stamps seem so much part of my life, childhood and design being that I can't look at them without hearing the Beechnut machine that was fixed to the wall of the corner shop, next door to the Post Office where I bought the stamps. The three white oblong lozenges in their white and green wrapper would fall obligingly into my outstretched hand. I can feel the twist of the rubber stopper in the Tizer bottle. The fizzle of the Sherbert Fountain on my tongue. I can see every crack in the pavement I carefully avoided so as not to upset the bears. What powerful stuff graphic design can be.

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