Friday, 5 June 2009

Heaven and Earth

Jack and I visited the Richard Long exhibition at Tate Britain yesterday - and wow! It was really inspiring. Whilst I thought I was familiar with the idea of Long - photos of circles of stick, lines in the desert, beautifully laid out stones in galleries, I really hadn't appreciated the beauty, wholeness and elegance of his work. 
And certainly not the typographic element. His consistent use of Gill Sans over the last forty years is heroic - and when you see it applied directly to the majestic walls of the Tate it is absolutely lovely.
And then there's the mud. Splattered and spread on the walls. Dripping on the floor. Splashing back. And smelling divine. All so very earthy. And the very definition of hands on.

Don't miss the book room. His artist books are really lovely, with some exemplary typography (and a lot of Gill).

It's on until 6th September, 2009.