Monday, 15 June 2009

Donkeys and Mare's Tails

We had the delight of donkey rides in the sunshine on Sunday. My two older daughters volunteered to lead donkeys round for the lovely people at Duke's Meadows in Chiswick. My little girl got two rides, on Marigold and Daisy. And lots of ice cream. 
Duke's Meadows Trust, a community driven conservation charity, has been restoring the riverside park over the past few years. They've created a wonderful new children's paddling pool and converted the old paddling pools into a wildflower garden. Last weekend there was a Springwatch event where we spotted birds, painted pictures, made a bird feeder and a nest box. The whole place has a curious 'lost in time' feel, quiet, green and strangely mid-century. The Farmers market on a Sunday morning has that lovely French rural feel and the whole is greatly enhanced by the lovely allotments adjacent. As we left on Sunday we witnessed a 'perfect allotment moment' - a table set up for lunch with wine and bread and fruit, an artist at her easel drawing a sitting model in charcoal, a man at the table playing a violin, a general mood of timelessness and community. Mmmmm.
Above us all was this divine mare's tail sky - which seemed to be a fitting tribute to the hard working donkeys.