Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Green shoots

Over here in Starch Green we're developing some new ideas, emerging from our own rich heritage. With Jonathan's wealth of illustrative archive as well as his talent, and my erstwhile career as a designer, we're launching our new studio, aptly named Starch Green.  At the moment we're scoping, planning, positioning, articulating and defining - closely aligned with some visual tinkering.

First up will be a veritable smorgesbord of beautiful pattern papers and wood engravings available as electronic artwork for illustrations in press, packaging, publishing, advertising, textiles and stationery. Alongside these will be a small range of limited edition wood engraving printed by hand, numbered and signed by the artist.
Our intention is to develop our range of patterns onto papers, household textiles, ceramics and stationery. The whole scheme is very embryonic at the moment, but we'll be hoping to involve people as early as possible to get things up and running and enjoy the whole development process.